Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Summer Sizzlers!

Welcome to Sizzling Summer Reading!  

Just a quick recap of the program for everyone. Everyone reads TWO books and does ONE assignment.

Check your school's page to see if you have a specific book you have to read HERE.

Click HERE if you need a copy of the assignment (there are two to choose from and you can do either one).

Summer Sizzlers are books we think everyone would love.  For sixth grade we've chosen The BFG by Roald Dahl, the story of a big, friendly giant who together with sweet, smart Sophie hatches a plan to rid the world of the evil giants who eat human beans.  The seventh grade Summer Sizzler is Old Yeller, the adventurous story of a boy and his dog set in Texas in the 1800s.  And our eighth grade Summer Sizzler is Flipped by Wendelin van Draanen. This "he said - she said" story is told in alternating chapters by a boy narrator (Bryce) and a girl narrator (Juli).

We hope you will find some awesome books to read this summer.  We'll look forward to hearing about them!  Post a comment with YOUR favorite book!

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