Saturday, June 30, 2012

A summer adventure - If you had to choose

If you had to choose a summer adventure with the characters from a book - a Summer Sizzler, another book you're reading now, or just  a book you've loved, who would your adventure be with?  Would you like to tag along with the BFG as he blew night dreams into bedroom windows?  Roam the Texas hill country with Travis and Old Yeller, or hang out in the neighborhood with Bryce and Juli?  Would you want to climb Mt. Everest with Peak Marcello, investigate with Alex Rider, or go to spy school with Cammie Morgan?  Would you like to enter Narnia with Edmund and troops or save Redwall with Matthias?

There are so many adventures to escape into and characters to go with, but I'm thinking I'd pick one that was set on a beach and involved a lot of lying on the beach reading.  Maybe I'll hang out with Auden from Along for the Ride.  And you?  Leave a note in the comments!

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