Friday, August 3, 2012

How is summer reading coming along?

Well, it's about one month to go until your SIZZLING SUMMER READING should be finished and your assignment ready to turn in.  How's that coming?  Hopefully you finished your two books long ago and have read several more in the meantime. But in case you're a little behind on that, now would be the time to step up your game and get ready, get set, get reading!

In case you've forgotten what your school requires, click HERE to find all the guidelines.

If you've accidentally lost your assignment, you can click HERE to get a new one.

Your teachers are counting on your to have done some reading and completed that assignment when you get back, so please be sure to be ready.


Why do we even have to read during the summer?  
Reason 1: Kids who don't read during summer lose skills.  

Reason 2: When everyone does something together, it creates community.
Reason 3: Reading is fun and a life-long skill.

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